Tax services for Organisations

Our tax services are designed for companies, small businesses and partnerships with employees located in a foreign country. For jurisdictions outside the UK and the US, we offer access to an affiliated network that can provide similarly high quality advice in other tax jurisdictions.

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Year Round Tax Advice & Support
Strategic Consultancy
Expatriate Tax Policies & Procedures
Tax Authority Audits & Notices
Remuneration Planning
National Insurance & Social Security Planning
Payroll Systems
Technology Support
Compliance Services

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We believe good communication with our clients is key, particularly in the current environment of increasing tax regulation.

Our team will keep in regular contact with you throughout the year, offering regular meetings in addition to frequent technical, planning and compliance updates.

Working with you, our experienced team provides advice and technical tax expertise at a senior level to ensure cross-border tax efficient planning is at the heart of our business strategy.

After understanding your needs, we can design new (or review existing) expatriate policies including tax equalisation procedures and international assignment structuring.

Whether at a corporate or assignee level, we can assist with audits and notices from HM Revenue & Customs and the IRS (Internal Revenue Service).

We take an integrated approach to your tax planning by looking at the whole picture to design the most tax efficient solution bespoke to your specific requirements.

We provide advice in structuring tax efficient senior executive and employee remuneration throughout your organisation.

These complex tax obligations require a keen understanding of the current and future requirements of all tax jurisdictions in which your employees are working and we can help to plan over the long term.

We can help you to set up payroll accurately for your overseas employees including a shadow payroll system, which is a mechanism that facilitates local tax withholding for an employee who is working abroad but remaining on the home country payroll system.

We have invested in our technology to include not only a secure online file sharing system, but assignment planning and compliance tracking in real-time.

Our compliance services are aimed at managing potential risk to the company of having employees who are required to file tax returns in countries where they are not familiar with the rules, whilst simultaneously reducing the burden for the employee, allowing them to concentrate on their role abroad.
Our compliance services include:

  • Completion of annual home and host country tax returns and tax equalisation calculations
  • Correct disclosure to manage risk, including US reports of Foreign Bank Accounts
  • Entry and exit briefings with assignees and completion of any necessary documentation
  • Direct communication with the tax authorities on the assignee's behalf