Trotman Repp

Our friendly and professional team will work with you to fully understand your tax obligations in each country.

We will use the breadth and depth of our knowledge of the UK and US tax systems to provide you with a tax efficient and compliant solution of the highest quality.

Our Mission:

Trotman Repp's mission is to deliver a personal and integrated tax service to the internationally mobile community.

Whether you are a UK individual trying to navigate your way around the tax system of a foreign country or a US citizen seeking help with the growing tax reporting complexities that come from living outside the US, click our tax services for individuals to find out how we can help you.

If you are a senior executive looking for tax planning advice, a small business looking to fully understand the implications of expanding overseas or an established company moving increasing numbers of employees across borders, click our tax services for organisations and we will use our expertise to deliver the right solution for you.

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