Tax services for Individuals

Our individual tax services cover UK and US tax jurisdictions. However, if you require expatriate tax advice in a different country, we can put you in touch with colleagues in our affiliated network that can provide similarly high quality advice in other tax jurisdictions so please contact us for more information.

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Year Round Tax Advice & Support
Residence & Domicile Planning
Tax Authority Audits & Notices
Tax Planning
Technology Support
Compliance Services

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We believe good communication with our clients is key, particularly in the current environment of increasing tax regulation.

Our team will keep in regular contact with you throughout the year and are always on hand to discuss any concerns you may have with regard to your international tax affairs.

We provide assistance with queries relating to UK residence, domicile and we will help you to plan efficiently and compliantly for your tax obligations.

Being singled out for a HM Revenue & Customs or IRS (Internal Revenue Service) tax audit can be a daunting prospect.

We work with out clients to ensure they can provide all the information required for a speedy and pain free audit. Likewise receiving an unexpected tax notice can be scary. We help you to find out what the notice relates to and how to respond to the relevant tax authority.

Lifestyle investments, charitable giving, wills and estate planning are all areas where tax efficiency is more likely to be gained by an approach that looks at the possible implications from all tax jurisdictions.

We take an integrated approach to your tax planning by looking at the whole picture to design the most tax efficient solution bespoke to your specific requirements.

We have invested in our technology including easy to use online questionnaires and a secure online file sharing system to help make your tax affairs as quick and painless as possible.

Our tax compliance services are aimed at saving you time and removing the worry associated with trying to be fully tax compliant in different jurisdictions.
Our compliance services include:

  • Completion of annual UK and/or US tax returns
  • Correct disclosure to manage risk, including US Reports of Foreign Bank Accounts, US Forms 5471 for corporate filing, US Gift and Estate Tax Returns
  • Payment deadline reminders
  • Identification of planning opportunities. Direct communication with the tax authorities on your behalf
  • Regular meetings to discuss changes to your personal circumstances